About Kaci

Hello. We are Kaci.

The Watchful Assistant!

Kaci is a social enterprise with specific social goals that support its primary mission. Kaci seeks to maximise profits while maximising societal and environmental advantages, and revenues are mostly utilised to fund social projects. 

We use automated technology to share and help with real-time updates, confirm doubts, solve problems, fight climate change, and request specific services such as emergency assistance, ambulance service, and more.

The Problem

Our society is rife with many false, misleading and inaccurate news, stories and articles usually because people who propagate this information are more interested in creating a buzz than in passing across the true story. Emergencies are never anticipated, having to be in a tight spot especially a life and death situation can leave one overwhelmed and confused as to the next step to take to get the desired help.

Very low access to government activities, information, participation in decision making and access to justice. Climate change is having an impact on the social and environmental determinants of health, such as clean air, safe drinking water, enough food, and safe shelter.

How we Help

Kaci is built out of the desire to provide all categories of authentic and accurate information, this is the foundation upon which it stands upon. Asides the several other benefits added, with one click of the button we have enabled an option for anyone to request for help and a go-to in emergency cases for easy tracking, alerting dependants and help services.

Kaci is helping to bridge the gap between the government and its citizens; allowing our users to easily resolve issues by linking or granting them access to the right agencies. Kaci is also providing individuals and businesses with a simple and effective way to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

Our Story

[email protected] | www.idcplatforms.com

IDC Platforms Limited designed Kaci. IDC is a Nigerian multipurpose corporation headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. IDC began officially operating in 2010, and in a short period of time, it has created platforms with various products and delivered various types of solutions.

[email protected] | www.fcihq.org

FactCheck Initiative (FCI) powers Kaci. FCI is a registered non-governmental development organisation focused on fact-checking, sensitising, and providing solutions to combat misleading news, stories, agendas, or manifestos, as well as using automated machine learning technology to share and receive assistance across the continent and the world.

Why Kaci?


Travelers can check-in with their travel details, Kaci will then keep tabs to ensure the user gets to their destination safely. If the user fails to Checkout at the given time, it will automatically alert the dependants to check up and track their dependents. 


Anyone can now request an ambulance or other emergency medical service with just one click of a button, if necessary. A user’s request for an ambulance is sent to the desired ambulance service provider once it is submitted through the Kaci app.


With this feature, you can get the needed information about your country. This provides easy access that could save one the trouble of searching other apps. Information ranging from emergency contact lines, contact information and details of country’s and more.


Kaci will guide our users through the process of changing their habits by providing a list of quick steps they can take right away to reduce their COemissions, and then calculate the amount of COproduced by each action to ultimately help fight climate change.


You can also air your opinion on the app. The Kaci app allows you to air your opinions about what is happening in government and her institutions without any fears, as long as your contribution does not go against our guidelines and use of the app.


Whether it’s a complaint or a request to get the government’s attention in an area or even call attention to some of the more domestic issues or even pollution in a neighborhood, Kaci App is a platform to use to share tips, matters or observations.

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