The Watchful Assistant!

The Watchful Assistant!

Using automated technology to get, share, or follow updates.

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Pronounced as /kayːcee/

Kaci Features

  • Question
  • News
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  • Top Stories
  • InfoBank
  • Press Release
  • Emergency
  • Ambulance
  • Climate
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Alert and Watchful!

Kaci helps to get the right information, access government agencies and is a go-to in emergency cases for easy tracking and sending alerts.

Your Data is Protected!

You trust Kaci with your personal information therefore you are always in control as we are 100% transparent with our data security and usage practises.

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Track Carbon Footprint

Examine a list of quick actions you can take to calculate and reduce your CO2 emissions in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Merchandise and Projects.

Buying Merch or Funding Projects helps to support Kaci’s operations and Climate Change mitigation.

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Articles of Knowledge

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Kaci is available 24/7 on WhatsApp

Simply save the phone number (+23481 400 400 81) on your phone and Send “Hi” on WhatsApp to get automated replies.

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Kaci only sends notifications to dependents or partners. It does not offer security or help services. If you require assistance, contact the nearest emergency services.

Kaci is not a professional or a crisis hotline operator. It cannot be held liable for any delays or other issues caused by using the Mobile App or Chatbot.