By -Published On: September 8, 2022-

The effects of climate change will probably never be fully avoidable; it is a like a ship that doesn’t anchor down when it is already on the shore. We will probably feel the effects of the damages that has already been done in the future. However, we can start course-correcting now, to reduce the impact of the proverbial ship as it hits shore.

Climate change is a high-speed train, powering towards catastrophe. Even if we slammed on the brakes now, that train is still skidding some distance into the devastation. That’s the nature of climate change, a lot of irreversible damage is done, and we’ll meet the effects in the future.

The present policies and ways of living will lead us to 3 degrees increase in temperature in the next 100 years; this spells great danger for the world. That is why it being proposed in the Paris Climate Agreement that we must all work toward reducing the global average temperature to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

It’s easy to feel helpless. How can I, as an individual, figh climage change? You can track your own COemission by using the Kaci and taking the necessary action to reduce your carbon footprint.

Under all climate scenarios above 1.5 degrees Celsius, Africa is the most vulnerable continent to the effects of climate change. Despite having contributed the least to global warming and emitting the fewest emissions, Africa is facing exponential collateral damage, posing systemic risks to its economies, infrastructure investments, water and food systems, public health, agriculture, and livelihoods, threatening to undo its modest development gains and push it deeper into extreme poverty.

Your carbon footprint is most likely greater than you realise.

The Kaci Help has been very helpful as it has helped many users reduce their CO2 emission by about 50% by suggesting simple changes to their eating, lifestyle and consumption habits.

The USA alone can bring down the annual global output by as much as 3.2 billion tons if they all follow the simple suggestions of the Kaci Help. This is 8% of the total emission on the planet. Imagine if the entire Europe and Americas are able to achieve this, we would be well off and nearing the achievement of our goal to reduce the CO2 emission to much less and the global temperature below the 2 degrees.

The idea of changing one country’s way of life talk less of entire continents may seem herculean, but it is possible; as culture-shifts can happen and cause a snow-ball effect. All it takes it for the right habit to gain popularity and it takes on a life of its own from there. One person’s lifestyle change can encourage close associates to follow suit, then a whole community and then a nation before long.

It has an impact on you as well!

The lifestyle changes you’ll make with the assistance of the Kaci Help, such as eating habits, transportation habits, fashion habits among others, will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint but will help you make you feel much better, healthier both physically and mentally – swapping to a more plant-based diet has enormous perks. Not to mention that this lifestyle shift will save you some money as well.

Personally, you should feel good about your efforts to reduce the CO2 emission in the world, and you are not alone; millions that believe in the cause are doing what you are doing as well – you are part of a community of heroes working to save the planet on choice at a time. Be a part of the community of Kaci users, be informed, share your values and make impact.

Start the journey to a more conscious and rewarding living as you do your part to save the planet by reducing CO2 emission. Download the Kaci Help Mobile App today.

People are the source of power.

Yes! Truly, the people have the power to bring change, even at the highest levels. For example, according to statistics just about 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of the CO2 emission in the world; that’s a huge amount. Are governments aware of these companies? Absolutely! It is up to us to elect government officials that will put pressure on these companies to power. We know the government is meant to serve us, unfortunately many politicians are in it for their own pockets, but they cannot access that power and position without the vote of the people. The people, united can pressure the government to make changes and do what needs to be done.

The government is the most effective one that can persuade these giant corporations to change their ways and operate responsibly in a manner that aligns with the Paris Agreement goals.

The truth is, many people are fine with the usual way of doing things because they don’t feel the pain yet, and that’s the point; to act now to prevent global warming so we never have to feel this pain.

Going on this premise, people must consciously shift their preferences to reflect the desire to prevent global warming; if enough people shift towards companies that are eco-conscious and eco-friendly, these companies will see more profit. Profit is the language industries understand; thus, they will change their perspectives as well. They say change doesn’t happen unless it is seen as profitable.

You may not have all the power, but you have your voice, your money, your choice and your vote; you can make a difference with this, because it may not be all the power, but it certainly is enough. Small choices and actions, can lead to big changes.