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Emergency Services

How does Kaci TravelSafe work?

Kaci app will allow you as a traveler to put in certain details with trip duration. Kaci will then keep tab by reminding the user to check-out after the trip duration. In the case the user does not check-out, Kaci will send an SOS alert to the dependants with the information the user provided in other to track them.

Does Kaci TravelSafe Track my every movement?

No, Kaci Travel Safe only tracks your movement when you enable the feature.

How does Kaci TravelSafe use my information?

Your information is kept private and not shared with any third parties or partners, except for your dependants or emergency services if senses you are in danger.

What are the emergency services Kaci offers?

Kaci offers emergency assistance in that the app can help you reach out to law enforcement, an emergency contact or book an ambulance if needed. Please note, that Kaci is not an emergency response app and should be used as a last resort.

Can I make an emergency call late in the night?

Our emergency service is 24/7 as our operators are always available to attend to you.

In cases of emergency, should Kaci be the first option to explore?

No. We advise that Kaci be the last option as we will not be held liable for any delay in response.

How do I Book an ambulance?

With one click of the button we have enabled an option for anyone to request for an ambulance or emergency health service as may be required.Once a user requests for an ambulance through the Kaci app, we reach out to the nearest health facility partner you have selected based on your current and inform them of the need for their services.

Can I contact a doctor via Kaci?

No. Kaci cannot refer you directly to a doctor. Kaci can, however, contact an ambulance for you from a partner health centre.

Can Kaci offer medical assistance of any kind?

No. The Kaci app or chat bot cannot offer medical advice.

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