By -Published On: April 10, 2021-

This is one of a kind. Kaci has set the bar higher by giving you the chance to do with ease, what would normally have taken a gruelling process to achieve. Just by picking up your phone, you can easily make a complaint to the appropriate security authorities when you open the Kaci Mobile App or the WhatsApp Chatbot, and click on the designated tab or option respectively.

Kindly note however that certain information and details will be required from you at this point, which will include your name, location, contact information and details of the complaint being made. This is imperative as the bodies who will be receiving these complaints will need to contact the complainants for more information and the way forward when necessary actions are to be taken.

There is no limit to the number of complaints that can be made by a particular user. However, complaints made anonymously may be restrictive, as operatives may find it difficult to act on such a complaint if important information are withheld.

Certain law enforcement officers seem to see themselves as justifiably above the law in the way they comport themselves. This needs to stop. However, it could prove difficult to report an officer physically due to the fear of certain obvious repercussions.

At Kaci, we have designed an easier manner that will keep the identity of the person reporting an officer anonymous to the public and the officer. We believe this will encourage all and sundry to keep our officers on their feet by reporting any negligence of duty or abuse of power that may be observed.

Officers caught oppressing citizens, extorting or carrying out any corrupt practices can be easily reported via the Kaci Mobile Application at any time without any form of restrictions.

It is our sincere hope that this option will create a synergy between the public and security bodies as both are held accountable to each other.

Just by sending an email or calling us via the numbers on the contact page on the Website or Apps, your reports of wrongdoings concerning any officer can be lodged, and seeing as our Turn Around Time (TAT) for every complaint is 48 hours, you should get a response from Kaci that quickly. If it will exceed this timeline, we will duly communicate it with you.

In the eventuality that you, for some reason or the other, decide to withdraw a complaint that you lodged, we will need to be duly and speedily informed of the reasons for the withdrawal, like in the case of a misinterpretation of the officer’s actions or words. This enables us at Kaci to determine the best course of action before the case escalates, as well as determine and inform you of how soon the complaint can be withdrawn, depending on the stage of address we already reached.

To report a crime, simply send an email or call us with the necessary details of a crime you witnessed or are witnessing; however, we encourage you to reach the appropriate authorities first, as Kaci is not a law enforcement App or emergency response channel, and should only be contacted first as a last resort in the event that reaching the proper authorities has proven elusive. Also, you can easily make a complaint to the appropriate security authorities by opening the Kaci Mobile Application and selecting the appropriate option tab.

On another hand, you can report a crime on behalf of someone though the crime was not against you or you did not witness it yourself. Sometimes this can occur, for example, when the victim cannot afford to do so for some reason or the other as at the time, they need the word to get out. However, you will need to present certain contact details that we can forward to the appropriate security operatives or authorities.

Furthermore, for privacy and security’s sake, when you report a crime concerning law enforcement officers, or make proffer suggestions or possible solutions to such crimes for the government to look into, we keep any information relating to your identity confidential, thereby ensuring that you will be at no risk of been wrongfully arrested or harassed for expressing your rightful opinions. However, remember that Kaci is only an intermediary, and not permitted to interfere in any case relating to law enforcement.